houston, we have a problem

13 01 2011

I have had an action item on my ‘to do list’ for a couple of months now.  An action item which wasn’t prioritised due to the fact that I didn’t think it was going to be a big deal.  An action item which I thought was a ‘nice to do’ rather than a ‘must do’.  I couldn’t have been more wrong…

I met with the council today.  I was in the area so I moseyed on in to meet and greet my local representatives.  Actually, my intention was to set up an appointment to discuss all of the things that I needed to know about setting up a business in the City of Stonnington.

I was quickly referred to talk to the people ‘across the hall’, the people in ‘P-L-A-N-N-I-N-G’.  *gulp*

To cut what is becoming a long story into a short one, the property in which I intend to open the gallery currently has a council-issued ‘permit’ to be used as an office.  If I want to change that (which I do), then I need to apply to the council for a new permit.   The worst things about this process are

  1. the application costs $502;
  2. the process represents a significant amount of work; and
  3. it may take months to be approved (if at all). 

I have also subsequently found out that I cannot serve any alcohol at the gallery opening nights (even though it will be handed out for free) without a ‘Limited Liquor License’.  Looks like I have some ‘applying’ to do.

Until the new permit is approved, I will still be able to use the property as an office to exhibit and sell art, however I won’t be able to have ‘opening hours’ nor ‘opening nights’ and all viewings will need to be done by appointment… not the most effective way to exhbit emerging artists!

Friends, family, artists, followers, this is just another small speed hump on our journey; we will get there!




3 responses

13 01 2011

I admire your persistence. Your situation reminds me of building a house; so many (costly) hurdles and setbacks along the way… but all worth it in the end (wherever or whenever that may be).

Best of luck!

13 01 2011

Thanks for the feedback and encouragement! My motivation and persistence is made easier by knowing that the result will help our arts community, in particular aspiring and emerging artists.

13 01 2011

Oh no! We were planning on stopping in for a coffee. Let me know when you’re in your ‘office’. We’d love to meet up with you.

Keep calm and carry on :-)

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