signage – i need your help!

5 04 2011

Whilst my planning application is still caught up in the webbiest web of the reddest of red tape, I am still progressing with getting the gallery ready for its grand opening.

A part of this, I would really like to finalise the sign writing by the end of this week. I’m planning on keeping it very simple so as to not obstruct any of the work that will be hanging in the window. Whilst the font is also not yet decided, it will also be simple and easy to read.

I need your help with colours. Here are 5 examples that I mocked up using MS Paint. The text is the same in each photo; the only difference is the colour scheme. You can click on an image to make it larger. Which do you like best? Please help by voting below!

Voting is now closed.



5 responses

5 04 2011


5 04 2011

I find the vertical web address in pink and in black
to be much harder to read.

5 04 2011

I voted for #4 because it’s the one that stands out best. Which is why I can’t understand 38% of people have voted for #5..what are they thinking :-)

6 04 2011
gordon hardman

I would prefer the horizontal sign in number 1 white background with black writing together with the vertical sign in number 5 writing in black.

6 04 2011

What is important here Charles, when you’re creating the design scheme associated with your product (in this instance, the gallery), is that the exterior leads on with the idea or feeling given inside. With that said, you should decide whether to be the white cube or the black box.

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