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Unstructured Idea is Aggie Koczwara’s debut photographic exhibition.

Aggie Koczwara is a young up-and-coming artist with an eye for photographing beauty in motion.

A first generation Australian; whose mother, father, and sister migrated from Post-Communist Poland in the early 90s; Aggie was raised in a traditional Polish family home, where education was the central focus. Her parents knew what it meant to start from scratch and encouraged their three children to achieve their goals. It wasn’t until her final year of high school in 2008, that Aggie discovered her true passion for photography. Until this point, photography had always been a favoured pastime appreciated by family and friends. However, in her graduating year, Aggie’s arts teacher gave all the students the opportunity to choose their own major in order to fully express themselves. Aggie chose photography and found her hobby turn into a passion.

Aggie is currently completing her third year of a University Bachelor Degree of Communications Media and Culture, majoring in Digital Design. After this, Aggie aspires to pursue further studies in design and photography to develop a career in this field.

During the last few years, Aggie’s particular interest has been in macro photography, focusing on the finer details, the textures, and the tiny wondrous idiosyncrasies that the human eye often misses. She has also found inspiration in the work of Cindy Sherman and has developed her own style of emotive photography. This, combined with her macro skills, has led to the creation of Aggie’s ‘Poverty Collection.’

Please enjoy ‘Unstructured Idea’ by Aggie Koczwara.

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Larger pictures, and further details such as size, medium, and sale price can be found by clicking on the images below.

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  • Postage: Will post worldwide at buyer’s expense
  • Location: Adelaide, South Australia
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6 05 2011
introducing aggie koczwara « one hundredth gallery

[…] aggie koczwara […]

6 05 2011

Congratulations Aggie. Its fantastic seeing something you love so much finally being put out there so more people can appreciate your work. This is only the beginning i’m sure… looking forward to seeing more from you soon. =)

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