now showing > brian mangano

8 06 2011

Growing up in north western Victoria near Swan Hill, Brian Mangano exhibited a natural eye for capturing cityscapes and landscapes.  He keeps some photographs taken with his MZ-30 in his desk drawer to remind him where he came from.  Just before his 18th birthday, he left home and began a journey that lead him to Melbourne two and a half years later; looking for work and stumbling into the corporate lifestyle.

Some nine years after moving to Melbourne, Brian decided it was time to escape the corporate slave trade and get back to the place he enjoyed being most; behind the camera.  Somewhat reluctantly he purchased his first digital SLR, and then another.  He keeps the MZ-30 in his bag loaded with black and white film and a nifty 50 attached.  Just in case.

Brian is now on a new journey, camera in hand and suits donated to Vinnie’s, establishing himself as a photographer and artist.  Combining the technologies of the digital age with his naturally creative eye, contemporary landscape and cityscape photography is being merged with High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging to produce some truly spectacular work.

Bucking the trend of idolising photographers and artist from afar, Brian Mangano cites John Williamson as a major influence on his current work.  “Most people my age are keen to get out of this place and look at what the rest of the world has to offer, but there’s so much beauty and wonder right under their noses.  He sings about it what a great Country we live in, and I hope capture it at least half as brilliantly.  Maybe even a few of my generation will take some time to have a look at it themselves one day.”

Brian has eight artworks on display and for sale at one hundredth gallery until 26 June 2011.


now showing > mark harman

1 06 2011

Mark has always been interested in art, colour, lines, textures and the aesthetic, having been an artist all through high school. But it wasn’t until a year backpacking overseas that he fell in love with the medium of photography. And it wasn’t until more recently that he started to become serious and dream of it as a career. He loves photography so much because of its versatility. To some it’s just a
memory prompter; to others it’s a historic record and to others art. Being able to find interest in the mundane is a challenge he enjoys.

Mark loves light and what it does: the shadows and reflections it casts, the negative and positive shapes, and the mood inherent in different times of the day. His biggest influences are the world around him; be it landscapes, colour, texture, macro, city streets, abstract urban fragments. Mark says he’s currently obsessed with Depth of Field and the beauty of bokeh, whether it helps tell a story by focusing the viewer’s attention or simply creates a smooth and silky background. He currently resides in Melbourne and loves the city for its art and sculptures.  He has also become obsessed with Japan after numerous visits, and the photographic opportunities that abound in a country obsessed with the aesthetic as well.

Mark has four artworks on display and for sale at one hundredth gallery until 26 June 2011.

projections 2011 – call for entries

31 05 2011

Showcasing the very best emerging photographic talent in Australia.

Projections provides emerging photographers with the opportunity to gain career-building exposure within the photographic industry and wider creative community.

The competition is designed to encourage excellence across a series of images rather than a single image and to highlight the very best emerging photographers in Australia who are recognised as the future of the Photographic industry.

The competition is open to all Australian based photography students, photographic assistants and photographers and photo artists that have been established for 3 years or less.

Emerging photographers are invited to submit a series or body of work shot in the last 12 months in the categories of Commercial, Documentary or Art.

Six judges from within the photographic and wider creative industries will select 15 finalists from across the three categories. Winners of each category and an overall winner are also selected from the finalists.

Each Projections finalist…

  • Has their work featured in a DVD production shown at a cinema screeningin Sydney, Melbourne Brisbane and Canberra
  • Receives an assortment of prizes from our sponsors including Momento Pro Books, Crumpler Bags and vouchers from Kayell. Category winners also receive Sony Cameras and equipment and studio hire from The Front.
  • Are invited to participate in a Master Class run by advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.
  • Will be a part of the people’s choice award with the winner and voter receiving prizes from Momento Pro.

The finalists’ work is put together in an audio-visual screening shown in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane & Canberra theatres. Screening the finalists’ work in full High Definition quality with contemporary music and design, the event showcases the latest photographers to keep an eye on and creates a night that is inspirational and entertaining.

Entries close midnight 30 June 2011 –

the grand opening exhibition

27 05 2011

27 May – 26 June 2010

After seven long months of preparation, we are very excited and proud to bring you our ‘Grand Opening’ exhibition.

The Grand Opening exhibition includes 29 artworks by 10 artists.

Photographers Brian Mangano, Wolfgang Glowacki, Mark Harman, Michell Guo, and Kate Hursthouse all have artwork included; as do painters Pete Goodlet, Kylie Mouat, Mark Hammon, and Janicke Johansen.

All photography in this exhibition is for sale and is also available in different sizes.  In addition, all 10 artists have additional artworks available for sale through one hundredth gallery.

Details of the Grand Opening exhibition are:

  • When – Between 27 May and 26 June 2011
  • Where – 49 Porter Street, Prahran, VIC 3181
  • Hours – Wed-Fri 12pm – 6.30pm; and Sat-Sun 12pm-4pm.  Please check the website for variations.

We look forward to seeing you soon and hope you enjoy our Grand Opening exhibition.

For those of you that will not be able to make it to the gallery, please click here to see the exhibition online.

new exhibition by arnaldo ilagan

23 05 2011

Following Arnaldo’s hugely popular debut exhibition ‘Still Waters’; we are very excited to open Arnaldo’s second online exhibition titled ‘Closer Look’.

Arnaldo’s second online exhibition and biography can be found on the CURRENT EXHIBITIONS tab above, or by clicking here.

Please enjoy ‘Closer Look’ by Arnaldo Ilagan.

more sneaky pics of our first exhibition

18 05 2011

sneaky pics of our first exhibition

17 05 2011

With our permit issued last Tuesday, it has been full steam ahead!

  • The window sign-writing has been completed as per your vote.
  • Furniture has been delivered and assembled, although some of it is a bit suspect!
  • Nine artists have been confirmed for the ‘grand opening’ exhibition.
  • Work has been delivered by eight of them with the final artworks arriving tomorrow.

We’ll be open to the public from 12.00pm next Friday 27 May 2011.

The grand opening group exhibition by Brian Mangano, Janicke Johansen, Michell Guo, Mark Hammon, Wolfgang Glowacki, Pete Goodlet, Mark Harman, Kylie Mouat, and Kate Hursthouse, will run until 26 June 2011.

Please drop by to say hi and so that we can both put some faces to names!

For those of you that may not be able to make it, here are some super sneaky pics that I took earlier today whilst curating my first exhibition.