more sneaky pics of our first exhibition

18 05 2011

sneaky pics of our first exhibition

17 05 2011

With our permit issued last Tuesday, it has been full steam ahead!

  • The window sign-writing has been completed as per your vote.
  • Furniture has been delivered and assembled, although some of it is a bit suspect!
  • Nine artists have been confirmed for the ‘grand opening’ exhibition.
  • Work has been delivered by eight of them with the final artworks arriving tomorrow.

We’ll be open to the public from 12.00pm next Friday 27 May 2011.

The grand opening group exhibition by Brian Mangano, Janicke Johansen, Michell Guo, Mark Hammon, Wolfgang Glowacki, Pete Goodlet, Mark Harman, Kylie Mouat, and Kate Hursthouse, will run until 26 June 2011.

Please drop by to say hi and so that we can both put some faces to names!

For those of you that may not be able to make it, here are some super sneaky pics that I took earlier today whilst curating my first exhibition.

it’s a sign…

12 05 2011

it took 114 days to get this

11 05 2011

we’re almost there!

4 05 2011

Sorry that it has been a while between updates.  There hasn’t been too much report until now.

The gallery is now fully painted.  The sign writing has been ordered and the sound system is in.  There is still a bit of cleaning to do and a couple of items of furniture to purchase; but we’re almost there!

After incessantly emailing and calling the council planning department during the past three days, I found out today that there were no objections to my application – hooray!

Unfortunately, they haven’t been clear with what the process looks like from here.  All they have said is that they will aim to get to it by the end of next week.  I’m not sure what ‘it’ is but hope that it is the issuing of the permit.

Fingers crossed, we’re still on track to open our doors in mid-May… most probably Wednesday the 18th.

Until then, we have at least two more artists to introduce you to; in addition to Marie-Lise Laviolette and Karin Zeller.

we’re getting closer

18 04 2011

We hit another major milestone on Saturday.  We finally finished the construction phase of the gallery fitout!

The walls are up and rendered (thanks to; the studio/storeroom is finished; the hanging rails are up; and the lighting is fully installed.  It has been a very long road to get here, but we’re done.  And who would have thought that the hardest part of the job would be hanging the hanging rails?  They had to go into solid concrete, and that meant a hammer drill and lots of persistence. 

There are still six things to do to get the gallery ready for opening.

  1. Final coat of paint
  2. Install a sound system
  3. Install a projector
  4. Buy some furniture
  5. Get the sign writing done
  6. Clean, clean, clean

These are all minor things that I hope to have completed within the next couple of weeks. 

The advertising process for the planning permit ends this coming Thursday.  So it will still be a couple of weeks before that comes through, provided there haven’t been any insurmountable objections!

creative spaces

15 04 2011

If you an artist looking for studio space, gallery space, or a space to share with other creatives, then please check out Creative Spaces.

The Creative Spaces website is designed to help you find a suitable and affordable space to develop, exhibit or perform your work.

Spaces are for hire, lease, to share or to occupy for a short period of time.  Creative Spaces is a digital resource that provides information on spaces across Victoria.  It is a joint initiative of the City of Melbourne and Arts Victoria in partnership with RMIT’s Design Research Institute and the Future Focus Group of the Committee for Melbourne.

And yes, one hundredth gallery is listed!