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Georgia current lives and works in Melbourne, Australia, and frankly has no plans of moving away from the city she loves, rather just sneak away for adventures into far away lands when ever the chance arrives.

This collection of shots were taken on one of her adventures away… heading to explore one of the most over-photographed cities in the world! Exploring the city and shooting at night, it was discovered that for a city that supposedly never sleeps, there is certainly much snoozing happening!

“Where we come from balances out with the importance of where we are going.  Life spins in an every increasing spiral.  Momentum quickens, momentum slows, spiral increases, decreases, spins and spins on its own axis unable to stop.  Even if it could stop, what would it say that it would want to?  Life is a blur in my spiral, with images the snapshots of my ride.  The things I hold close, the beliefs I cling to as others engulf the spiral recur as the themes of the images. Animal rights and environmental issues claim the largest part of my brain at all times. Travel and exploration is vital, from exploration of the planet to those dark little corners of my brain. Beauty is in everything.  Look close into the defined ugly and beauty is always there, hidden, deep in its form and colour, ignored by the perceived definition of beauty.  In a spiral, there is no ugly, there is no beauty, just colour and shape.” – Georgia Laughton

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2007 Holy Cow, Kerela Gallery, Northcote

Group Exhibitions

  • 2006 Linden Postcard Show, Linden Gallery, St Kilda
  • 2005 Anthology, Fitzroy Gallery, Fitzroy
  • 2004 Incurable Desire, Cusp Gallery, Northcote
  • 2004 All Class, Cusp Gallery, Northcote


Please enjoy ‘Snooze York’ by Georgia Laughton.

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