marie-lise laviolette > 30,000 miles

Marie-Lise Laviolette is trained in Graphic Art (ESSAM, Paris), and has a BA (hons) in printmaking (DJCAD, Dundee) & a Masters in Fine Art (ECA, Edinburgh).

Marie-Lise’s work practice is an amalgam of 7 elements; painting, drawing, photography, installation, printmaking, graphics & the self.

By the “self” Marie-Lise means her personal experience and it’s alchemically transformational aspects on the psyche.

Marie-Lise is influenced by Alchemy: it is reflected in her work through its philosophical/psychological aspects and through its practical processes.

If successful, Marie-Lise’s work serves as a bridge between the gap/duality that exists between the ‘real’ and the ‘external’ and the ‘psyche’ the ‘inner’ space.

In her work Marie-Lise likes to start with a complex concept and then distil it down to its essential elements.

The photographs contained within ’30,000 miles’ are a small & personal selection from a journey of 30,000 miles & 3 years.

Please enjoy ’30,000 miles’ by Marie-Lise Laviolette.

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Larger pictures, and further details such as size, medium, and sale price can be found by clicking on the images below.


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