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Mark has always been interested in art, colour, lines, textures and the aesthetic, having been an artist all through high school. But it wasn’t until a year backpacking overseas that he fell in love with the medium of photography. And it wasn’t until more recently that he started to become serious and dream of it as a career. He loves photography so much because of its versatility. To some it’s just a memory prompter, to others it’s a historic record and to others art. Being able to find interest in the mundane is a challenge he enjoys.

Mark loves light and what it does: the shadows and reflections it casts, the negative and positive shapes, and the mood inherent in different times of the day. His biggest influences are the world around him; be it landscapes, colour, texture, macro, city streets, abstract urban fragments. Mark says he’s currently obsessed with Depth of Field and the beauty of bokeh, whether it helps tell a story by focussing the viewers attention or simply creates a smooth and silky background. He currently resides in Melbourne and loves the city for it’s art and sculptures. He has also become obsessed with Japan after numerous visits, and the photographic opportunities that abound in a country obsessed with the aesthetic as well.

“My Japan +1 is a collection of some of my favourite shots from my favourite country, Japan. I feel it’s as different a place from where I live as I could get, whilst still being modern. It’s a country of contradictions: old & new, geeky  & cool. I love it! Plus 1 shot from Cesky Krumlov for good measure that I’ve always liked.” – Mark Harman

Please enjoy ‘My Japan + 1’ by Mark Harman.

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