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Born in Macedonia former Yugoslavia, Zoe began drawing portraits of her grandparents as early as age 7. 

Although unable to decide on what creative field to pursue, Zoe studied both art and design and found her home in Contemporary Realism.

A born abstract thinker, Zoe is inspired by life’s everyday candid moments and the pursuit of following one’s imagination. Overall her passion lies in bringing to life that what we feel but cannot usually see, energy. 

Subject matter and motion play a huge role in Zoe’s work. Her paintings are vivid and expressionistic and often depict the beauty, sadness, power or essence of the simple things in life.

Zoe works in many mediums but prefers charcoal, watercolour and acrylics for their ability to assist with a speedy motion.

Chance – Fleeting moments of possibility often pass us by unless otherwise opportune.

Unable to tell whether it will go one way or another,  this epic phenomenon has us  hooked with anticipation. A horse pounds its way to a possible chance win while we take a more confronting approach for attention.

Please enjoy ‘Chance’ by Zoe Elms.

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Larger pictures, and further details such as size, medium, and sale price can be found by clicking on the images below.


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10 05 2011
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